Shah Jalal (c.1271-1346 AD), patron saint of Sylhet, is said to have trained 360 companions whom he sent out to propagate Islam. Their shrines, or mazars, large and small, are spread throughout the region and some are important centers of devotion and pilgrimage. Like the ‘high places’ of ancient Israel, most mazars are built on hilltops and may have a sacred tree, well, or pool. As a nod to orthodox Islam, many have a mosque attached as well. Visitors bring an offering and make their prayers in the belief that there is an aura of spiritual power in the presence of the dead saint.

Ore para que quienes visiten estos santuarios sean liberados de los demonios que controlan dichos lugares y se encuentren a Jesús, quien únicamente puede atar estos poderes.

Lucas 11:20. expulso a los demonios con el poder de Dios, eso significa que ha llegado a ustedes el reino de Dios.