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Peace for Women

6 June, 2020|

Many Sylhetis in Bangladesh have grown up with stories about the prophet Mohammed and his family. One of the stories is about his favourite daughter, Fatima. She was considered the most pious woman, [...]

Dreams and Visions

21 April, 2020|

Reading testimonies of Muslims who have come to believe in Christ one is struck by how many have begun or been encouraged in their journey to faith by dreams and visions. Often [...]

Lay Leadership

8 April, 2020|

A healthy disciple making movement is powered by a solid base of lay leaders. The Followers recognize that, if they are to reach their own culture with the Gospel, then they must [...]

Saints and Shrines

20 March, 2020|

Shah Jalal (c.1271-1346 AD), patron saint of Sylhet, is said to have trained 360 companions whom he sent out to propagate Islam. Their shrines, or mazars, large and small, are spread throughout [...]


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