Many Sylhetis in Bangladesh have grown up with stories about the prophet Mohammed and his family. One of the stories is about his favourite daughter, Fatima. She was considered the most pious woman, so she did everything she could to prevent all other men besides her husband and her sons from seeing her body. Consequently, she never left the house. Even when she planned for her burial she stated that she should be interred at night so that even the men who carried her corpse to the grave would not get a single glance at her, despite her body being wrapped in the required burial clothes. This story has been set as an example of a good and pious woman before many girls, beginning in early childhood, in order to motivate them to behave in a manner considered pleasing in the eyes of their parents and before God.

Pray for the women kept inside their homes. Thank the Lord that there are no barriers to Him. Ask the Lord to let them understand the truth of Jesus and his words: Peace be with you.

John 20:19. On the evening of that day, the disciples had gathered together and locked the doors of the place because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”